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Aug 17

Exciting new movies in the future.

I have to say there are three animated film I am excited about: The Princess and the Frog from Disney. A return to 2D animation with a musical fairytale set in New Orleans. Check out the funny clip below to see a teaser for the film. Looking very cool. ALSO check out Disney’s new website …

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Jul 20

Schulz Museum Summer Camp 2008: Animation

I taught an animation class July 7-11, 2008 at the Charles Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa CA. The class was a lot of fun and the kids worked really hard. First off is an animatic (a filmed storyboard) for our own action packed cartoon “Super Surf Knight.” I came up with the concept and characters …

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Jul 18

Cartoon Boot Camp – Animation: People Stop Motion

Some more silly animation that we did today, the last day of animation class at the Cartoon Art Museum. I will be uploading the final project as well as animation from my class at the Schulz Museum by early next week before I leave for San Diego.

Jul 16

Cartoon Boot Camp ’08: Titan War

Stop Motion film made by the Cartoon Boot Camp students at the Cartoon Art Museum TODAY!

Jul 11

Web resources for the Animation students at the Schulz Museum class.

Here are some animation (stop motion) resources for my students and their parents at the Schulz Museum this week. Everyone did a great job – Stop Motion Link, News, History, etc. – the site has a free (PC) Stop Motion Program called Anasazi Stop Motion Animator plus links to other programs to use. …

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Dec 23

Coraline Teaser video

The Draw! blog has a short clip of the upcoming stop motion animated film from the book by Neil Gaiman Coraline and is directed by Henry (Nightmear Before Christmas) Selick. The voices included Dekota Fanning, John Hodgman, and Teri Hatcher and will have music/songs from They Might Be Giants. Wow! The stop motion film is …

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Nov 12

Origami Animation

This is a very cool making of… video about animating a stop motion Origami Crane.