Jul 11

Web resources for the Animation students at the Schulz Museum class.

Here are some animation (stop motion) resources for my students and their parents at the Schulz Museum this week. Everyone did a great job

http://www.stopmotionworks.com/ – Stop Motion Link, News, History, etc.

http://www.animateclay.com/ – the site has a free (PC) Stop Motion Program called Anasazi Stop Motion Animator plus links to other programs to use.

http://www.stopmotionmagic.com – Site for animators who are creating/learning Stop Motion Animation.

http://www.stopmoshorts.com/ – Inspiration

www.istopmotion.com <= program we used in class for stop motion and pencil tests. (MAC)

http://www.adobe.com/products/aftereffects/ <= Adobe After Effects, used to composite/time animation drawings.

http://www.apple.com/ilife/ <= iMovie and Garage Band were used for video and audio editing (MAC)

http://www.animationmeat.com/ – storyboard sheets to download and print.

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