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Beyond the Great Chimney

Beyond the Great Chimney

Atomic Bear Press is proud to present Beyond the Great Chimney, a coming of age story of a unique hero, by Artist/Writer Brian Kolm.

Victor Grassroot is your average guy, with the exception of the horns…and the tail…and the hoofs. This unusual everyman is on a quest to save his uncle from an evil wizard, a quest that will take him to a brand new world…Beyond the Great Chimney.


Beyond the Great Chimney #1

Come along as we follow Victor through a magical portal, beyond the Great Chimney to a world of new wonders. Along the way he’ll make new friends and enemies, and find out more about himself then he might like to know

BTGC #1 – $2.95+tax US
24 pages b/w – color cover

Beyond the Great Chimney #2

Our story continues as Victor Grassroot (our unique hero), and Sir Tugert Vole (an egocentric knight) continue their search for Victor’s missing uncle in the world that lies Beyond the Great Chimney. They have settled into the Murphy’s boarding house in the town of Oak Point, and their next destination is to search the nearby city of San Deco.

Meanwhile . . . the evil wizard Agacon is plotting our hero’s downfall. His shy assistant Wendell is confronted with a difficult choice – will he help Victor?

BTGC #2 – $3.95+tax US
36 pages b/w – color cover

Troll Trouble (Ambition Studios Anthology)

…Published by Ambition Studios and edited by Alexis E. Fajardo, the anthology offers a tour of the best all-ages comics around, from stories featuring our flagship characters Swampfox and Kid Beowulf, to new stars like Xio the Aztec dragon-boy and Victor, a medieval kid with horns and hooves.

With eight original stories from seven studio artists, this anthology features a variety of artistic styles for a fantasy/humor all-ages audience. Consistent throughout this collection is each artists’ appreciation for classic cartooning, detailed illustration, and vibrant storytelling….

Ambition Studios Anthology (limited quantities) – $8.00+tax US
24 pages b/w – color cover