Jul 13

Preview of the new comic “the Wicked”

My artist friend and colleague Alex Schumacher along with writer Mark Peaslee have posted a sample of their new comic, “the Wicked.”

The story is for MATURE READERS and is not appropriate for young kids. But I want to post a link to the sample since many of you ‘Big Kids’ will enjoy reading a sample of this comic book. There is Swearing, Blood, and some peeing too, but after all it is a vampire story.

Alex wrote on his blog:

First, Mark and I did not make the top 50 of the Platinum Studios Comic Book Challenge. Something about profanity and violence. Oh well, let them censor other creators. We’re doing this book our way! Unless of course someone wants to pay us loads of money to change it. Just kidding…kinda.

Next, as we still have a few publishing options open to us we are going to hold off on releasing “The Wicked” ourselves for the time being. However, in an attempt to tide over the viewing public we have posted an 11 page preview of issue #1 exclusively at our website september23rdstudios.com! Go there now!

From the official site:

Jesus thought his vampirism was unique in the world. Along and struggling, the only thing to keep him going through his isolation was his deep catholic faith…and alcohol. But a chance encounter unveils a larger plan at work, a plan that has no place for those like him.

Now on the run from powerful forces Jesus must come to terms with the revelation that his faith alone may not save him, not even from the wrath of god himself.

So if you are age 17 and older, go take a look at this sample of the comic.

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