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2010 Roller Derby Life Drawing Comic experiment created at Dr. Sketchy’s in San Francisco 1-2010

Derby Girls life drawing comic

2009 Rooting Tooting Pinoccho – Created at Zinefest 2009 – 13 pages

Rooting Tooting Pinoccho by Brian Kolm 2009

2008 Team Sonic X – a 24 hour comic book day comic by Brian Kolm – 26 pages

24HCBD: Team Sonic X

2005 the Synthetic Owl – a 24 hour comic book day comic by Brian Kolm

24 Hr. Comic – The Synthetic Owl

This is the 24 Hour comic I created in 2005 for 24 HOUR COMIC BOOK DAY. It is a little rough around the edges, but I am proud of the work I did in the time allotted. To find out more about 24 HOUR COMIC BOOK DAY visit the official site. Open publication – Free …

Beyond the Great Chimney

Atomic Bear Press is proud to present Beyond the Great Chimney, a coming of age story of a unique hero, by Artist/Writer Brian Kolm. Victor Grassroot is your average guy, with the exception of the horns…and the tail…and the hoofs. This unusual everyman is on a quest to save his uncle from an evil wizard, …

Snonan the Brave by Brian Kolm

Snonan the Brave

Meet Snonan, a snowman warrior on an adventure that will have him face his greatest fear. 34 Pages / interior black ¬†& white / color cover / 5.5″ x 8.5″ / convention exclusive with custom drawing Snonan the Brave is on a quest that will have him tackle his greatest fear that lies beyond an …