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Tag: 2008

Sep 04

Silicon 2008 Color WIP images

Here are some of the WIP color images I am doing for Silicon 2008. What do you guys think. art ©2008 Silicon

Jul 20

Schulz Museum Summer Camp 2008: Animation

I taught an animation class July 7-11, 2008 at the Charles Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa CA. The class was a lot of fun and the kids worked really hard. First off is an animatic (a filmed storyboard) for our own action packed cartoon “Super Surf Knight.” I came up with the concept and characters …

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May 26

Baycon 2008 review

On Saturday I was at Baycon 2008 and I thought I would give a review of the day for those who might want to attend this fun convention in 2009. Photos can be found on Flickr. When: Memorial Day Weekend. May 23-26, 2008 Location: Hyatt Santa Clara. Easy to get to by Car. Not sure …

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Feb 25

Making more art at Wondercon 2008

So, before I posted images of art I created for others at Wondercon 2008, and now I get to show some personal pieces I did during the convention. The first one is a fan piece, a watercolor painting of the villainous Maleficent from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. [singlepic=413,320,240,,] Then I used a photo I took on …

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Feb 25

Making art at Wondercon 2008

Being an artist at a convention like Wondercon means that I want to make money from my Art. I was lucky enough to do that. First off are drawings used in the Maps Magic and Menagerie Convention Sketchbook. Each of the 32 page books had space for a new character and also a spot on …

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Feb 24

more Wondercon 2008 costumes

Another great costume from Make-Shift Monsters…. and Robin the Boy Wonder (Batmans youthful sidekick)…

Feb 23

Welcome to everyone from Wondercon 2008!

A warm welcome to everyone visiting my site who I met at the convention so far. I hope you enjoy your visit.

Feb 22

Wondercon 2008 begins today

I know, I know, I should be in bed. But I am getting ready for the big day today. Wondercon is the first major comic book convention of the year and I plan to have a good time. Today, Friday the convention runs from 12pm to 7pm. To find out more about the convention, visit …

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