Feb 25

Making art at Wondercon 2008

Being an artist at a convention like Wondercon means that I want to make money from my Art. I was lucky enough to do that.

First off are drawings used in the Maps Magic and Menagerie Convention Sketchbook. Each of the 32 page books had space for a new character and also a spot on the center map for where they lived. Here are a few of the custom drawings I created….






I also did some one-of-a-kind commissioned art too. It’s always fun to create art “on stage.”

NOTE: If any of the recipient of the artwork would like me take down the photos of them holding it up, please let me know.

First off is a drawing for Thorsten Brümmel who has an amazing collection of sketches and commissioned art at comicartfans.com. He was kind enough to show me some of his sketchbooks and I must have just sat there, slack jawed holding those amazing collections of American and European artist he had. For the art commission I recreated my Cavalier Cat drawing with color washes. Below is a photo of the art as well as a photo of Thorsten as well.



Next up is two pieces from the same lovely trio of ladies. The first drawing was of them as animals and the second as princesses. I usually resist drawing likenesses, but I think the princess drawing came out very well.




And last, but not least is the first Tiki in a Tiki themed sketchbook along with a photo of the awesome folks who purchased it. I really love how this drawing came out and it was so fun to do.



If you have any art that I created at Wondercon 2008 and have it posted online or can send it to me, I would love to share it.


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  1. love the hunky hero and the Tiki drawings.

    • Brian on February 25, 2008 at 12:39 pm

    Thanks Doc. I really had a great time and will be back next year. I am bummed that you did not make it. Really a great place to be an artist. The whole venue is about creativity and art. I hope you can make it next year.

    The Tiki drawing is one of my favorites too, enough that the recipients are going to send me a scan of it.

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