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Tag: costume

May 23

Baycon 2008 (this weekend) – Adventures in Space: a pirates tale.

I know, I know that I have not been posting as much here on the Log Blog, so here is information on the largest Sci-Fi/Fantasy convention in the Bay Area…Baycon. The convention was today, and Friday through Monday. I will only be there tomorrow all day. So if you see me walking around, come and …

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Feb 26

Artist Ben Walker

I did not buy much at Wondercon 2008. When you have your own table you are more focused on making money more then spending it. But one of my new favorite artist is Ben Walker. I first saw Ben’s work at APE a couple of years ago on a postcard on the freebie table. Ben’s …

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Feb 24

more Wondercon 2008 costumes

Another great costume from Make-Shift Monsters…. and Robin the Boy Wonder (Batmans youthful sidekick)…