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Jul 02

Cartoon Art Museum 2011: Storyboard to Animatic

Well another fun Summer of classes at the Cartoon Art Museum for Cartoon Boot Camp 2011 is overĀ  with our last week focusing on Storyboard to Animatic (June 27-July 1). But what is a Storyboard and what is an Animatic? Storyboard’s are a visual script to help the creators of films, videos, video games, theme …

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Jun 26

Cartoon Boot Camp: Story Board to Animatic follow up.

Today was the last day of Cartoon Boot Camp: Storyboard to Animatic at the Cartoon Art Museum. I had a class of 10 kids who all work hard to create storyboard drawings which I then made into an animatic. An animatic (or Lycra Reel or Pre-Visualization) is a technique that was first used by animation …

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Jul 20

Schulz Museum Summer Camp 2008: Animation

I taught an animation class July 7-11, 2008 at the Charles Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa CA. The class was a lot of fun and the kids worked really hard. First off is an animatic (a filmed storyboard) for our own action packed cartoon “Super Surf Knight.” I came up with the concept and characters …

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