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Jun 10

‘Kid Beowulf and the Song of Roland’ production work

I am doing production work on Alexis Fajardo’s second graphic novel “Kid Beowulf and the Song of Roland”. This is a sample of one of my favorite panels that I watercolored for the prologue to the book. The actual printed book will be in black and white, but the art was created in color for …

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Sep 03

Update: the end of summer.

Labor day weekend has come and gone which, for many, signals the end of the Summer season. Of late my blogging has gotten more sparse, so I have lots of catch up with news of my projects and cartooning classes (instead of just posting random art and interesting links). I know that folks like to …

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Aug 13

Recent paintings

Hey all, here are some recent paintings I did. Enjoy. The first one was inspired by the work of this artist, though it might not look like it. I started with a sketch in orange and then I did the lines on top. This watercolor painting is from the Southwest Airline magazine I got on …

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Jun 21

Cartoon Boot Camp ’08 Character Creation results

On Friday was the last day of my first week of Cartoon Boot Camp at the Cartoon Art Museum. The kids each developed their own original cartoon character and did a final color illustration. Take a look at the work of these talented kids. Click for a bigger image…

Feb 21

Wondercon 2008 PREVIEW #2

   Ok, a bit more self promotion. I am happy to announce I will have a new convention sketchbook at Wondercon 2008…. MAPS, MAGIC, and MENAGERIE The sketchbook features 32 pages of black and white art with a RPG theme to tie it all together. Each page of characters and critters has been given a …

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Feb 12

Sky Duke: sketchbook comic (page 10)

[singlepic=365,320,240,,] Previous Page – Next Page My ongoing Web Comic that has been drawn in my Sketchbook in 11-2007.

Feb 05

See me in the SF Weekly this week

UPDATE: See my writeup in the SF Weekly HERE. I got a photo and everything. Below is a scan from the actual paper. There is one mistake: I do not give lessons in my home. It would be in my studio and I do not have it set up to teach in at this time. …

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Feb 05

Sky Duke: sketchbook comic (page 9)

[singlepic=366,320,240,,] Previous Page – Next Page My ongoing Web Comic that has been drawn in my Sketchbook in 11-2007.