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Oct 15

Video: Craig Thompson “Habibi” at the Cartoon Art Museum

On September 28, 2011 I had the pleasure to attended a talk by Craig Thompson as he talked about his eagerly awaited graphic novel Habibi at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco. I am a huge fan of Thompson’s art and have been following the creation of Habibi on his blog. Nathan Parker was …

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Jun 10

‘Kid Beowulf and the Song of Roland’ production work

I am doing production work on Alexis Fajardo’s second graphic novel “Kid Beowulf and the Song of Roland”. This is a sample of one of my favorite panels that I watercolored for the prologue to the book. The actual printed book will be in black and white, but the art was created in color for …

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Jul 22

Blood Bound Oath prologue trailer

This is the trailer I helped create with artist/writer Alexis E. Fajardo for his graphic novel: Kid Beowulf and the Blood Bound Oath. Alexis created the art and I colored the work with Watercolor as well as the motion graphics for the trailer. If you are visiting the Comic-Con, check out Small Press Table P15 …

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Jul 13

Kid Bewoulf and the Blood Bound Oath printed books.

This last week I received my copies of Kid Beowulf and the Blood Bound Oath from author Alexis E. Fajardo. I did the cover coloring as well as watercolor rendering on the prologue pages too and all I can say is…the cover looks really sexy. The color printing is rich and has a smooth satin …

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Jun 12

Kid Beowulf and the Blood Bound Oath books are on their way.

My colleague Lex has posted photos of the printed copies of his book Kid Beowulf and the Blood Bound Oath. As some of you know I did the digital coloring on the cover of the book and I am thrilled to see how nice the books look in the photos. (I also did some watercoloring …

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Mar 14

Kid Beowulf and the the Blood Bound Oath cover

I just finished doing the coloring work for Alexis E. Fajardo’s Kid Beowulf and the the Blood Bound Oath. Alexis has posted images on his blog, so go check it out. ©2008 Alexis E. Fajardo Here are two other covers I collaborated with Alexis. It’s amazing to see how far Alexis art has come from …

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Mar 06

My Blood Bound Oath…

Well, sort of. I did some hand watercolor coloring for Alexis Fajardo’s new graphic novel Kid Beowulf and the Blood Bound Oath which have been posted on the official website. Alexis’ new art work is looking fantastic and for the prologue he illustrated in a more realistic style and ask me to ad some watercolor …

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Jan 21

Linda Medley and Castle Waiting in France

I just read on the Fantagraphics Blog (the Flog!) that the artist and author of Castle Waiting is in France for the release of her Graphic Novel. She is also nominated for an award at the convention in Angouleme. Congratulations Linda! After this it will be on to Angouleme, where CHATEAU L’ATTENTE is a nominee …

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