Mar 14

Kid Beowulf and the the Blood Bound Oath cover

I just finished doing the coloring work for Alexis E. Fajardo’s Kid Beowulf and the the Blood Bound Oath. Alexis has posted images on his blog, so go check it out.

©2008 Alexis E. Fajardo

Here are two other covers I collaborated with Alexis. It’s amazing to see how far Alexis art has come from the cover for the first book (top image below) with the character on the new cover (above and at the link). I am looking forward to seeing the final book in my hands.



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  1. […] the printed copies of his book Kid Beowulf and the Blood Bound Oath. As some of you know I did the digital coloring on the cover of the book and I am thrilled to see how nice the books look in the photos. (I also did some watercoloring on […]

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