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May 10

New Art! Tribute to Mobius

 Click here to see a bigger image at Flickr.com I have been a big fan of the master French comic artist Mobius (aka Jean Giraud) since my college days where I was inspired by his style, technique and color use. With his recent passing I thought I would, like so many around the world, draw …

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Nov 19

Motion Comic Magic > new european comic trailers ‘Gringos Locos’ ‘Ria’ and ‘Kid Lucky’

For today’s Motion Comic Magic post I just wanted to share a few nice trailers for comic books from France/Belgium and Germany. I am still surprised that the  major US companies don’t create more trailers for their books. The first one is a Franco-Belgian BD comic trailer that features a story of three comic artists …

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Jan 21

Linda Medley and Castle Waiting in France

I just read on the Fantagraphics Blog (the Flog!) that the artist and author of Castle Waiting is in France for the release of her Graphic Novel. She is also nominated for an award at the convention in Angouleme. Congratulations Linda! After this it will be on to Angouleme, where CHATEAU L’ATTENTE is a nominee …

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