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Motion Comic Magic – Comic and Picture book trailers

Motion Comic Magic

Hey all. Time for a post of trailers for publications that animate the art created for them.

First off is this trailer for QUEST by Aaron Becker. I believe Aaron actually did the animation for this book trailer himself which features mapping the artwork mapped to 3D shapes to add depth. Very slick. Find out more at

QUEST by Aaron Becker (official trailer) from Aaron Becker on Vimeo

Next is Prince of Persia—”Dinarzad’s Tale” motion comic, created by the Vancover Canada animation studio Sequence. They have done a whole lot more that can be seen on their Vimeo page. The lovely art is by Niko Henrichon who also illustrated The Pride of Baghdad.

Prince of Persia—”Dinarzad’s Tale” motion comic from Sequence on Vimeo.

Next of is the Astonishing X-Men – Motion Comic Reel by Atomic Cartoons. This is nice since it really gives you a lot of samples as well as the limitations of animating art that was created for a comic book.

Astonishing X-Men – Motion Comic Reel from Darren Bachynski on Vimeo.

First-Second books has been making trailers for their comics longer then most American Publishers have and this one for The Shadow Hero from Gene Luen Yang and Sonny Liew is excellent. It combines art from the comic with new animation to make a slick introduction to the work.


#motioncomicmagic monday

A post on re-purposing comics and illustration into animation

It’s been a while since I have posted on-line videos that feature Motion Comics or Motion Illustration i.e. artwork re-purposed into animation. For the 5 videos I am embedding here we see watercolor illustrations, comic books panels, classic fine art and wildlife photos brought to life through animation.

NOTE: If you are viewing this post outside of an internet browser and can not see the videos, please visit HERE

Using Photos — Make Productions uses photos from the World Wildlife Federation to give the illusion of slow motion beauty.

WWF PARALLAX SEQUENCE from Make Productions on Vimeo.

Using Classic Paintings – The elegant gentleman’s guide to knife fighting – animation by Jungle Boys. Excellent re-purposing of paintings to create some fun animation. A bit grown-up content.

Using Comic Book Illustrations –

Teaser Trailer for the Kickstarter campaign of the comic The Spider King ( By Josh Vann and Simone D’Armini. Animation: Nk’Motion. The art is great and the trailer really sells the story and concepts well.

The Spider King – Teaser from Josh Vann on Vimeo.

Using Watercolor Illustrations – - A trailer for the picture book JOURNEY by Aaron Becker ( The animation was done by the author who did some neat work of mapping his artwork to 3D CGI models to create some stunning scenes. Aaron also shared with artist James Gurney how he made the 3D sequences in the trailer on his BLOG.

JOURNEY by Aaron Becker (official trailer) from Aaron Becker on Vimeo.

Using Comic Book Illustrations — Batman: Black and White – “Silent Knight… Unholy Knight! – drawn by Dave Bullock. I love Dave’s style and it’s always cool to see his art brought to life.


MCM: Motion-Comic and Motion-Illustration from around the web

A post on re-purposing comics and illustration and other art into animation.

Today it’s time for a bunch of new examples of Motion Comics and Motion Illustration techniques that re-purpose art into animation.

Our first example is here for technique. The youth at 826 LA re-told a fellow students story with live 2d cut-out puppets. I post it here, since the technique could easily be used with reproductions of artwork as well. Sort of an analog motion-Comic or motion-illustration production. The students at 826 LA writing center used Tabletop Moviemaking to create…The Fox and the Rabbit.

Next up is the picture book… STEAM TRAIN DREAM TRAIN by Sherri Duskey Rinker & Tom Lichtenheld, published from Chronicle Books. The motiongraphics an animation is simple, but effective as a trailer and also standing on it’s own. See more artwork by Tom Lichtenheld at

Next is a comic trailer for a new horror series Dark Horse Comics presents Lance Henriksen’s To Hell You Ride. Great mix of voice over, music, mood and simple animation. Amazing what you can do with the right ingredients. The artwork is by the incredible Tom Mandrake, see more of his work at

The next trailer is for Souvenirs de l’empire de l’atome (Memories of the Empire of the Atom) written by Thierry Smolderen with art from Alexandre Clérisse from Dargaud. I love how retro and groovy it is. More art from Alexandre Clérisse HERE

OLTREMAI by Lorenzo Mattotti is a great example of really just a nice slideshow of art, but mixed with the right music it sets the mood of the art right away. The dark fanciful art is really pretty amazing looking. Published by Logos Editions in Italy. See more of the art of Lorenzo Mattotti HERE.

Last is the classic French comic character Lucky Luke in Cavalier Seul. The comic focus on the the thieving Dalton Gang who split up. The trailer is quite elaborate with lots of nice of animation of the original artwork.


Kid Beowulf Kickstarter Victory and Trilogy Trailer!

Can’t view the videos, see the full post in your browser HERE.

Alexis Fajardo has just succeeded in raising the money to print his third Graphic Novel: Kid Beowulf and the rise of El Cid! Alexis is one of the most talented artist/writers I have had the honor of working with. The campaign is over, but you can see the Kickstarter page HERE.

AND…with the success of the Kickstarter campaign, Alexis has released the above animated trailer that celebrates his full Graphic Novel series. I am not only excited about my friend succeeding with funding his third book, I am excited to see the video since I helped create it!

More than a year ago we started working on a new trailer for the series that would cover the previous released books: Kid Beowulf and the Blood Bound Oath, Kid Beowulf and the Song of Roland, as well as the upcoming graphic novel Kid Beowulf and the rise of El Cid. We have created a trailer for each of the books, but this one would be both more streamlined and more elaboarate in it’s production. I am quite pleased with how the trailer came out and I hope you enjoy watching it.

The new trailer features…

- The 3D opening from the Song of Roland trailer was re-created, embellished and enhanced.

- The full banner sized digitally colored cover files which were broken down into different layers to allow us to ‘fly’ through them.

- Beowulf’s sword Nagling in CGI with simulated swirling smoke.

Here are the other trailers in reverse, going back in time…

Book 2: Kid Beowulf and the Song of Roland

Book 1: Kid Beowulf and the Blood Bound Oath


Hellboy: The Fury Motion Comic from Dark Horse Comics

A post on re-purposing comics and illustration into animation

It’s Halloween and time for something spooky! How about watching a comic?

Dark Horse Comics has been teeming up with the online video station Geek and Sundry to bring serialized motion comics of many of their titles, something I applaud. The videos are far from perfect since they are working with the limitations of adapting the art that was created for the comics, but that is a quality that I really like. There is a wonderful simplicity and creativity about the videos that keeps them tied to their comic book source material. I with more comic companies would promote there titles this way and be able to partner with others who are like minded.

Here is ever popular Hellboy in ‘The Fury’.

Writer: Mike Mignola • Artist: Duncan Fegredo • Colorist: Dave Stewart

Line Producer: Matt Parkinson • Producer: Mike Richardson • Directed by: Erik Bruhwiler

Ep 1

Ep 2

Ep 3

Ep 4

Ep 5

Ep 6


Awsome Film Animatics and Animated Digital Comic by Ryan Woodward

A post on re-purposing comics and illustration into animation

An Animatic Story Reel in it’s classic form is a way to pre-visualize a scene from a film or video by filming the storyboards for a production and editing them with temporary voices, sound efx, and music to simulate how the final production will look before spending a lot more money to produce it for real. Over time, digital video technology gave us the power to better simulate the final production.

Some of the best examples I have seen have been produced by animator and storyboard artist Ryan Woodward ( who has since done a beautiful animated short as well as a comic book which is heavily animated and can only be seen on a tablet computer like an iPad. All amazing stuff.

I really love his Spiderman movie Animatics especially.

WHOOPS, I didn’t realize that you could not embed the animatic video and so there is nothing posted yet, but  click here to see the samples cause there really really awesome! Really! I hope I can get permission to embed the video at a later date, but for now go to the link for the video.

Mr. Woodward also had a this animatic/book trailer for ‘The Loch’ for Penny Farthing Press adapting the artwork of Courtney Huddleston and Johnny Beware. More on this book can be found HERE.

The Loch – Animatic from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo.

Mr Woodward also has created an amazing new type of comic book, designed from the start to have the the panels you read come to alive with full animation as well as the techniques used in his animatics, but only read on a tablet computer like the iPad. While the term Motion Comic has been used for taking an existing comic book or graphic novel and animating it for video playback with added music and voice, this one might be more true to the naming since it’s a comic you read and the motion is part of that experience. Can’t wait to try the app sometime.


Bottom of the Ninth trailer from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo.



Motion Comic Magic – book trailers from around the web

A post on re-purposing comics and illustration into animation

I am behind on updating my blog with the latest with my art and teaching and all, but here is a Motion Comic Magic post on trailers for books and comic books to tide you over.

A ‘Motion Comic’ (or ‘motion illustration’) is re-purposing the artwork into animation, in this case to promote the books that are the source of the art work. The term ‘Motion Comic’ has morphed a bit for some as comic book looking art with simple animation, but for me it’s always been about re-purposing material and not creating it just for animation. It’s sort of like a visual audio book.

Book trailers have become more frequently used by interdependent publishers as well as some of the large European companies as well as, but since even the simplest trailer takes time/money to put together they are still not as common. It’s sad we don’t see more since a well thought out trailer can help get the idea of the book across fast and from anywhere there is the Internet available. Of course for transparency sake, I have made a few book trailers and so I am biased.  One of trailers below go beyond just re-purposing the art from the source, but were neat and so I wanted to post them anyways.

First off is a nice simple trailer for the webcomic/comic Sailor Twain, by Mark Siegel. It’s published by First-Second Books. READ the web version here.

Next up is Bottomless Belly Button by Dash Shaw and published by Fantagraphics. This is not re-purposing the art from the book, but it is animated by the author so I give it a big thumbs up and included it in this post anyways. Find out more HERE.

The classic YA novel, ‘A Wrinkle in Time: The Graphic Novel’ by Madeleine L’Engle; adapted and illustrated by Hope Larson.

Last, but not least for this post is a trailer for an artbook featuring the work of aviation artist,  Lucio Perinotto. This trailer does a nice job of adding some animation to the artists paintings of classic planes. This is from the French publisher Paquet, find out more HERE.


Motion Comic and Illustration book trailers

It’s been a while since I posted some book trailers that use Motion Comic and Motion Illustration techniques (Animation made by re-purposing art from comics, illustrations, fine art, etc), so here are a few I have found on my explorations on the Internet.

A post on re-purposing comics and illustration into animation

The first trailer is for Liesl and Po, which takes charcoal drawings by artists Kei Acedera and maps them to 3D geometry in the open-source Blender 3D to impressive effect. Animation by Exit Left studio.

Next is a trailer for the BD album “WW2.2., l’autre guerre mondiale” from French language Dargaud with art by Hervé Boivin and Eric Henninot. Really well created trailer with some very nice art.

 The Germans aim to take Paris. Emptied of its occupants, the city is defended by small groups of French soldiers … One of them, commanded by Sergeant Miller, will play a decisive role in the coming battle, the first turn of the war that will be the battle of Paris….

This begins the first volume of WW.2.2 with a prologue that introduces the idea around which to build this unusual cartoon: a man tells how, in November 1939, he killed Adolf Hitler …

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