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May 10

New Art! Tribute to Mobius

¬†Click here to see a bigger image at Flickr.com I have been a big fan of the master French comic artist Mobius (aka Jean Giraud) since my college days where I was inspired by his style, technique and color use. With his recent passing I thought I would, like so many around the world, draw …

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Apr 22

NEW! Bird headed astronaut watercolor

Watercolor painting over pencil. 11×17.

Feb 22

New Art! Peruvian Space Ship

Click above to see a bigger image at Flickr.com Inspired from a March 1963 issue of National Geography I though the Peruvian ceramic vase would make an awesome space ship. Watercolor.

Nov 25

new art> Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope that everyone has an enjoyable day today!

Jan 27

Flash Gordon

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