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Visit my new website... (this site is not being updated)

Feb 21

Wondercon 2008 PREVIEW #2

Maps, Magic and Menagerie convention sketchbook 2008

   Ok, a bit more self promotion.

I am happy to announce I will have a new convention sketchbook at Wondercon 2008….


The sketchbook features 32 pages of black and white art with a RPG theme to tie it all together. Each page of characters and critters has been given a special location on the map in the center of the book, making it a great inspirational tool for game play and story telling. PLUS you get an custom original creature drawing too with it’s own ‘home’ on your map. For sale this weekend at Wondercon 2008.


– 32 Pages of Art – 69 drawings
– a full fanciful map
– printed on lovely parchment-like paper in glorious black and white
– Custom one-of-a-kind character drawing in each book
– Custom one-of-a-kind map location in each book
– Signed limited edition of 30

Come and pick up a copy at Wondercon 2008 this weekend!

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