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May 09

Cartoon Boot Camp 2012 – into to Stop-Motion Animation artwork

Promotional illustration for my Cartoon Boot Camp class at the Cartoon Art Museum- Intro to Stop-Motion Animation. The class runs the week of June 11 to 15, 2012. Sign up at: cartoonart.org/2012/04/cartoon-boot-camp-summer-2012

Jun 25

Puppets are Cool

I have always liked puppets. Here are some videos I have found on-line. Here is a cool scary puppet, Bunrakboo Puppetry Illusions by www.gore-galore.com: Here is Big Bird from Sesame Street singing “It’s not easy being Green” at the memorial for Jim Henson. Puppeteer Carol Spinny is obviously doing a pretty good job to stay …

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Mar 31

Bjork’s Wanderlust

(via CartoonBrew) Singer Bjork has a cool new music video from a San Francisco studio that uses live action, CGI, stopmotion and some cool puppets. I love the production design. I think the look would make a good feature film. I am glad to see traditional arts such as puppets alive and well and used …

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Feb 03

H.R. Pufnstuf

Here is a tribute to a 1970’s TV Sid and Marty Kroft character H.R.Pufnstuf. He’s the mayor of Living Island where everything is…well…living. The trees, rocks, books, and buildings a long with a lot of wacky puppet characters. [singlepic=393,320,240,,]   Digital color over pencil – character ©2008 Sid and Marty Kroft From RetroJunk.com …H.R. Pufstuf …

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