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Feb 03

H.R. Pufnstuf

Here is a tribute to a 1970’s TV Sid and Marty Kroft character H.R.Pufnstuf. He’s the mayor of Living Island where everything is…well…living. The trees, rocks, books, and buildings a long with a lot of wacky puppet characters.



Digital color over pencil – character ©2008 Sid and Marty Kroft


…H.R. Pufstuf tells the story of a boy named Jimmy who finds himself stranded on Living Island with his magic gold flute Freddy. Here, Jimmy and Freddy are taken in by a talking dragon named H.R. Pufnstuf, who is the mayor of Living Island. Pufnstuf tries to help Jimmy escape, while at the same time tries to avoid the evil (yet clutsy) Witchiepoo who wants the magic flute all to herself. Living Island is home to many fantasy creatures such as Cling and Clang (two bird bobbies), Dr. Blinkey (an owl professer), The Boyds (a bird band), Seymour Spider and Orson(Witchiepoo’s henchmen), Ludicrous Lion (a scam artist), and quite a few talking trees….

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