Jun 25

Puppets are Cool

I have always liked puppets. Here are some videos I have found on-line.

Here is a cool scary puppet, Bunrakboo Puppetry Illusions by www.gore-galore.com:

Here is Big Bird from Sesame Street singing “It’s not easy being Green” at the memorial for Jim Henson. Puppeteer Carol Spinny is obviously doing a pretty good job to stay in character and convey his emotions through the puppet. Very touching.

And here the key performers sing some of Mr. Henson’s favorite songs at the memorial. It’s fun to see the puppeteers doing the voices with out the puppets. Then at the end all the puppeteer come in with furry puppets on their hands.

And how about Dumbo flying over the castle at Disneyland. Pretty cute:

and last but not least is ‘Abba The Last Video Stockholm 1974 (2004)’ This is really cool and cleaver way to make a music video with out the actual singers.

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