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Oct 08

#DailyDrawings : My Mash-Up Round-Robin Sketchbook SUPERPOST part 02

Mash-Up Round-Robin sketchbook 02 zombieThis post continues from the first part of my Mash-Up Round-Robin Sketchbook.

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For the current sketchbook, I am trying something new. Each drawing is a mix of:

RANDOM THEME with a MASH-UP of elements


= Daily Drawing


Before we see the drawings, I have to say that I really enjoyed this challenge. It was nice to have themes and elements to work from and still have the challenge of using them in a unique way. I would recommend this challenge for anyone who feels they need a reason to draw.

So, we’ll start off with this young student of magic who is conjuring a creature from her wand…

For the ‘Space Opera’ drawing the shield from the young girls sweater becomes an actual shield and the creature from the wand becomes a robot/alien sidekick.

This ‘Superhero’ was for classic comic book artist Jack Kirby’s 100th birthday and uses the shield from the previous drawing for a costume insigne.

This ‘Supernatural’ warrior uses the shield design and the pointy ears from the drawing before.

The random theme of “Pulp/Noir” takes our supernatural hero from the day before and turns him into a gargoyle for the detective to find.

My random theme was ‘Mammal’ so I drew the detective from the day before as a tiger.

This drawings theme is ‘Americana’, so I borrowed the tiger (with a gender change) and gave them dapper colonial dress.

For the theme of ‘Circus’ I did a clown, but with a tiger motif inspired from the drawing the day before.

This ‘monster’ uses the clown’s hair and hat of the clown to inspire his horns.

For this ‘Swashbuckler’ I borrowed the shapes of the monster in the previous drawing for the hair and tried to keep their broad shoulders as well.

Here, this ‘Undead’ fella has the pointy ears and similar costume to the Swashbuckler the day before with the turtleneck, collar and cuffs.

For ‘Dystopia’ I borrowed the pipe, hat and collar from the Zombie.

For ‘Toy’ the pipe, sword and hat as well as the bar code on the coat return.

And last, but not least we return to the starting theme of ‘Comic Strip’ and take the potato shape and add elements from Charley Brown and Garfield the cat.

Here are the themes I used in the sketchbook…

THEMES USED IN MY#mashuproundrobinsketchbookSKETCHBOOK [ ] Comic Strip
[ ] Giant Robot/Mecha
[ ] Athletic/Sports
[ ] Plants/Nature
[ ] Super Villain
[ ] Saturday Morning Cartoon
[ ] Vehicles
[ ] High Fantasy
[ ] Fine Arts
[ ] Alien
[ ] Birds
[ ] Japanese
[ ] Pin-Up Girl
[ ] Sea Creature
[ ] Magic School
[ ] Sci-Fi
[ ] Super Hero
[ ] Supernatural
[ ] Noir/Pulp
[ ] Mammal
[ ] Americana
[ ] Circus
[ ] Monster/Creature
[ ] Swashbuckler
[ ] Undead
[ ] Dystopian
[ ] Toy Based
[ ] REPEAT the first pages theme

[ ] Unused: Historical
[ ] Unused: Big City
[ ] Unused: From Life
[ ] Unused: Loony Cartoon

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