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Visit my new website... (this site is not being updated)

Nov 17

Class supplement – Online tools for Random starting idea ‘seeds’

Hello students. Most artists sometimes need a starting place for new ideas to start developing, like planting a ‘seed’ so we can see what grows from it.

Most of these websites I have used at one point or another and have no connection to them.

Behind the name, random real names from different cultures and places.

Random Log-Line Generator – example: “A homicidal nurse thinks about starting a business on a cruise ship.”

Random Generator Site – Names, story ideas, writing challenges, etc. example: name “Beatnik Enchantress”
note: click on the ‘random’ button at the top of the page to get a random random generator.

Portent’s content title generator – random headlines based on a subject you enter. Example: “How Nostradamus Predicted Hippo . No, Really.”

Hero Machine (HM2) can randomly combine superhero parts that you can use as a starting idea.
Use version HM2, click on RANDOM ALL after loading in the graphics and it will make a cluttered and unique character to draw from.

RPG Solo. Allows you to play a Role Playing Game by yourself by typing an action and having it prompt you if it works or not. A fun way to ‘act out’ a story idea and to possibly avoid the common choices.
Click on the gear symbol at the top left and click the button to turn on the text area. You can type story text in the thin middle box and click the ‘add text’ button at the bottom left. To see if an action works, click the 50/50 box.

BONUS, some websites that have great notes on Color in animation and movies.

color pallets from different live action movies.
Great articles on color use in animation —
Great inspiration from screen caps from Disney animation and other studios too.

James Gurney’s blog (artist/author/painter of Dinotopia) —

Temple of the Seven Golden Camels: great notes on visual storytelling —

life drawing excercises and reference: and

and my favorite podcast on stories and writing…

Writing Excuses podcast

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