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Sep 05

#DailyDrawings : My Mash-Up Round-Robin Sketchbook SUPERPOST part 01



Well, its been a bit since I posted. I know, I know, that is not good. If you have followed me on social media, you know that that the last few years I have tried to do a sketchbook drawing a day and then post it on-line. Sometimes I keep up with it and then sometimes life/work crushes it for a while. But like a weed, I usually spring back.

BTW: Most of my artwork posts have been on Instagram, the photo sharing app/site. It’s really a major center where artwork is being shared, and it’s always full on inspiration. You can find my posts at the link below, but I am going to try to share them here as well.

Instagram -

For the current sketchbook, I am trying something new. Each drawing is a mix of:

RANDOM THEME with a MASH-UP of elements


= Daily Drawing

For example, here is my first drawing in this sketchbook. The random theme is ‘Comic Strip’, so I did mash-ups of some iconic comic strip characters. Like mixing characters Charley Brown, Odi the Dog and Garfield the Cat. Doing a mash-up in itself is a fun challenge, but wait for the second drawing…

Here is the second drawing, and the RANDOM theme is…’Giant Robot’. But you can see that the face of the robot looks a bit like my mashup Odi/Garfield, and there is that Charley Brown sweater zig-zag mixed in too. This is something we do as creative folks all the time, but formalized in a sketchbook.

For the third drawing the Random theme was: ‘Sports Player’. So I drew a tennis player, but his shirt has patterns that match/were inspired by the giant robot from before.

Next the textures from the Tennis Players outfit, inspires patterns on this space flower. The random theme was ‘Nature’.

Then the patterns on the Space Flower lead to this ‘Super Villain’ that also mixes in classics like The Joker/Lex Luthor and Doctor Doom. Notice how the wires wrapped around the stem of the flower inform the villains arm design.

Next the Super Villain becomes cute, sort of. The Random theme was ‘Saturday Morning Cartoon’, and so elements of the villain become this little character. This one uses some Watercolor and looks pretty good. Especially the black in the pants.

The next days random theme was ‘Vehicle’, so I drew this car that has graphic elements from the Cartoon Character the day before. The secret is not to use them all, so new elements can be introduced as well.

The next random theme was ‘High Fantasy’ a term people could use for stories like Lord of the Rings. It’s sort of classic, European based fantasy stories and fairy tales. For this one I re-cast the female character as a musketeer. Now a musketeer is not exactly considered high fantasy, but I loved the direction it went, so I kept it they way I sketched it out.

Next up the random theme was ‘Fine Art’ which finds out female hero from the previous day as a lovely statue.

Now the next drawing was a bit more challenging. The theme was ‘Sci-Fi’, but using some elements from the previous day. So I took the scroll designs and used them as costume elements as well at the beads that become a belt, and the pointed collar (sans the lace). This is the first drawing that I decided to scan instead of taking a picture of it with my cel phone. I think the drawing looks a lot nicer, so this will probably become more standard.

Next the aliens color pattern is borrowed for this ‘Bird’ drawing.

And the next random theme of ‘Japan’ brings us a Sumo Wrestler with a some glam thrown in. His glowing yellow hair is the same as the bird as well as the collar of fluffy feathers.

AND we get the bathing suit pattern on this lovely lady from the Sumo Wrestlers ‘diaper’ and her fruit drink is directly inspired from his hair.

and the color pallet inspired this ‘Sea Creature’ Sea Horse. This one I played with the negative shapes with the sea weed.

And the last image for this first post is from the Random Theme “Magic School.” Here the Sea Horse becomes a magical creature coming out of the young witch’s wand.

So that is the end of Part 01 of the Mash-Up Round-Robin Sketchbook SUPERPOST.



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