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Tag: pirate art

Jan 05

New art 1-4-2011

Happy New Year! These are a few of the first art pieces I have done in this new year. They are not the very first, but those are being saved for a later date.

Sep 19

Talk like a Pirate Day

Hey all, today is Talk Like a Pirate Day and here are some fun links to celebrate. MUSIC ART and COMICS COMICS

Aug 01

50 Pirates challenges

OK, I am on vacation following my swell time at the SDCC08. I have been taking advantage of some free time to do some drawing exercises. This one involved drawing the heads of 50 pirates. I will replace with a scans when I arrive home.

Jun 15

Pirates 6-08

[singlepic=528,320,240,,] ©2008 Brian Kolm Pen and Ink with digital coloring.

Feb 29

826 Valencia Field Trip artwork: the Day the Kids didn’t come

For the latest 826 Valencia field trip I arrived Thursday morning and was surprised to see a group of folks from Santa Fe New Mexico who would help out with the field trip to see how it is done. That meant instead of the 5 people who usually work the field trips, there was more …

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Jan 17

SDCC 07 Pirate Panda

This piece was drawn at the San Diego Comic Con 2007 last July. It’s a sketch xeroxed onto card stalk and then colored with Watercolors. Not a perfect drawing, but that was a lot of fun to do.  [singlepic=380,320,240,,] I would like to re-do this piece as a finished illustration this year.

Dec 18

Watercolor Paintings

Two paintings I created last night. The second one is a WIP. [singlepic=354,320,240,,] [singlepic=355,320,240,,] [singlepic=356,320,240,,]