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Tag: illustration

May 09

Cartoon Boot Camp – Comic Book Creation

Promotional illustration for my Cartoon Boot Camp class at the Cartoon Art Museum: Comic Book Creation. The class runs the week of July 9 to 13, 2012. Sign up at:

Apr 26

Jeffery Brown’s ‘Darth Vader and Son’ book trailer and CAM exhibit

Cartoonist Jeffery Brown ( has a new book called Darth Vader and Son, which the trailer above promotes. I wanted to post the trailer here at since it’s a great example of taking existing art from a book and re-purposes it for animation, plus it’s really cool. What if Darth Vader took an active …

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Apr 10

NEW ART! – Green Fish

Pencil drawing with digital color on top.

Feb 24

‘Snonan the Brave’ premieres at the Image Comic Expo today in Oakland Feb 24,2012

I am pleased as punch to finish my new comic book ‘Snonan the Brave,’ the story of a warrior snowman and a quest that will make his face his greatest fear! Featuring lose ink drawings and wordless dialog for all-ages. For years I had this idea of a story combining a Snowman + ‘Conan the …

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Jan 28

Motion Art Moment: January 2012 Gorry Bug

Can’t see the video, visit Motion Art Moment: January 2012 Gorry Bug from Brian Kolm on Vimeo. I would like to share with you something new I am doing for 2012, a Motion Art Moment. These will be short monthly videos that take a recent piece of my artwork/illustration/comics and animate them using digital tools. …

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Jan 18

Motion Comic Magic – recent comic trailers

A post on re-purposing comics and illustration into animation A few NEW trailers for publications, with the actual published art brought to life through digital animation. Some are more elaborately done and some are more simple. BONE: Quest for the Spark BOOK 2 Video Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 Movie Intro (fan made) – with art …

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Dec 25

A special holiday greeting from me to you

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday to everyone no matter how/what/where you celebrate. Every year I have illustrated an original Christmas card for my family to send to family and friends. The earliest Christmas cards we would make were silk screened and my father took my art and cut it by hand into …

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Oct 29

Branding the Asian Art Museum and it’s ‘Maharaja’ exhibit

The Asian Art Museum in San Francisco revealed a new logo recently as they re-brand the museum for the future. The new logo is this upside-down ‘A’ below which at first had me baffled, but as they describe…. Why did you change your logo? The museum is reinventing itself to engage a broader audience. While …

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