Feb 29

826 Valencia Field Trip artwork: the Day the Kids didn’t come

For the latest 826 Valencia field trip I arrived Thursday morning and was surprised to see a group of folks from Santa Fe New Mexico who would help out with the field trip to see how it is done. That meant instead of the 5 people who usually work the field trips, there was more like 12. The group was also going to compete in a spoken word slam this weekend (which is very cool).

I set up my work area to illustrate the student’s story and help re-arrange chairs and tables and even drew a quick pirate….


…But the kids never came. The school class canceled at the last minuet, which kind of sucked and here was 12 people with nothing to do (plus there is a year wait for another field trip date for the school, bummer) . So our leader Chad went on and explained how the event went which was hard since our publisher Mr. Blue was none too happy at the circumstances. No kids=no books to publish.


So I did drawings while Chad had these older students through the process with a sample story that featured a female toe nail clipper made of peanut butter and her best friend a non gender specific jar of concord grape jelly. The dream of the toe nail clipper…to clip the toenails of the queen.

Here are the drawings I created.


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