Apr 21

Motion Comic Magic- the Blue Dog

A post on re-purposing comics and illustration into animation

Time for a little “Practice-what-I-preach.” I have been posting examples of re-purpose artwork (comics, illustrations, photos) for animation for a while, but I have not posted much in the ways of my own animation. I do cartoons and illustrations, but also do some work with motion graphics and animation as well. In fact I am teaching a motion-graphics/animation workshop at a youth center in San Francisco currently.

My latests project was a promo for my workshop starting a Blue Dog I drew while teaching a cartooning workshop the youth center I work at. Here is a sample of the final animation…

Blue Dog test animation from Brian Kolm on Vimeo.

The animation above is a mixture of different techniques in Adobe After Effects (I am using CS4).
– Puppet Tool
– Liquefier
– Parented Objects
– Nested Compositions
gg_puppet tools script to help automate coding the null layers to control the puppet pins on the figure.

And here is the original art…
3-2012 blue dog (link to animation too)

I would be happy to post more description on how I achieved it if anyone is interested. Just let me know.

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