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Jan 08

Goals for the New Year! #dailydrawings January 1st to 8th, 2017

daily drawing jan 2017 - 01

Well, it’s 2017 and it’s time for new art. For anyone new, theses are my Dailydrawings that I do everyday, usually in the morning.

As always I post the images on my Instagram account first, and you can check them out HERE. CLICK HERE

The New Year (i.e. 2017) is a time of reflection, and these drawings are part of that. Each drawing is a goal mine for 2017 and the future, of course. Can I follow them all, I hope so.

So here we go…

This drawing is a bunch of doodles I did at my friends New Years Day party. I was surrounded by many of my favorite folks and most of them are artist too, which was inspiring.

Yesterday's #newyears #day #party #drawing

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One of my goals for the new year is to Be Strong, Be Healthy. Watching what I eat, getting exercise, visiting the doctor more, doing yoga and meditation.

Then I posted some close up of of my New Years Day drawings…

Some #newyearsday #drawings. #yearoftherooster #drawings #robot #gator #bird

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My next goal for the New Year, to take One Step at this Time. This is the first drawing I did of Cartoon Brian, who sort of looks like me. Sort-of.

My next Daily Drawings are from my visit to the Oakland Drinking and Drawing meet-up. I love being creative among my peers.

My next goal for the new year is to get a chance to collaborate with folks with other skills and talents.

A #dailydrawing with another #newyears #goal … #collaboration

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Another goal for the year and the future is to be brave, face fears, and take chances.

Next up is to get organized and get my space in order.

and my last New Years Goal Daily Drawing is being able to ask for help.

And of course the last goal needs no image to post, because it is to draw all the time!

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