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Dec 06

#dailydrawing for #november 2016 – part 3

Daily Drawing november 2016 no 3

Here are the rest of Novembers Daily Drawings (the drawing I do most days, usually in the morning). Many of the drawings use the same colors since I have a collection of media that I use for all the drawings.

They included:
Brown Pitt Pen
Blue Pitt Pen
Light Purple Tombo Pen
Blue Tombo Pen
Pink Copic Marker.
Misc. Sharpies.
Zebra Silver Brush Pen
Red Hi-C gel pen.

Also, there are some missing days, since this time of year things get busy and sometimes you get up in the morning and have to finish projects, run errands, etc.

We continue from LAST TIME with another robot…

Another #robot #dailydrawing #art #drawing #scifiart #scifi #fun #cute #charm

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For this bird below, I started with the pink Copic marker then added red and blue on top.

This one as well started with pink Copic pen. (below)

I did fully intend to do the ONE-WEEK CARTOONING WORKOUT from the Center of Cartoon Studies in Vermont, but this is when I started falling a bit behind in the darwings in the morning so I do not have much to show. I did get one days of the challenge done (below)

The course is sent to you by email and was designed by Alec Longstreth and James Sturm.

YOU and start taking it right now, if you like! LINK

Below are my drawings I did at the Dickens Christmas Fair in San Francisco. Since I did not draw my daily drawing, I thought I would show what I did draw.

If you like to draw and are going to the Dickens Fair, check out the Pre-Raphaelite Artist Salon at the Adventures Club. The models are great and the instructor are really fun. There are usually two opportunities for a drawing lesson during the day.

My #drawings I did at the #preraphaeliteartistsalon at @dickensfair 2016.

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Below are sea shells that I painted for a fundraiser at one of my teaching jobs. An interesting challenge.

#paintings on #shells for a #fundraiser with #art by me.

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A #turkey #dailydrawing, pre #thanksgiving

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Below are some process photos from creating a family Christmas Card of a peacock.

Yesterday's #dailydrawing #fantasy #female #warrior

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A proof of concept for a project I am working on.

and last by not least, a holiday themed toy solider!

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