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Tag: pencil test

Aug 06

Princess and the Frog pencil tests

Here is some pencil tests for the upcoming Disney animated feature the Princess and the Frog. Very very very very cool.

Jul 16

Cartoon Boot Camp ’08: Pencil Tests of Flip Books

We did a pencil test today of some of the students flip books. There will be more added to this video in the next few days. These were recorded in iStopmotion.

Jun 07

Pnda animation test

This is a tiny animation I created today at the Schulz Museum while I promoted my animation class for kids that happens in July. The animation was created to test a cool xerox machine that can scan a stack of drawings and send them to a computer. I just brought the sequence of image into …

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Jun 05

Richard Williams Animation Survival Kit PENCIL TEST

Years and years ago I took Richard Williams wonderful animation workshop and was blown away. Then there was a great book with all Richard’s note in it. NOW Richard will have a new How-Too DVD that coming soon. On-line there is a new pencil test that recreates the books cover and it looks amazing. Check …

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