Mar 10

Daily Drawing – Sketchbook Animation test 03 – some color added

March 10, 2013

Cat sketchbook animation – test 03 – 3-8-13 from Brian Kolm on Vimeo.

Here is the third update on my Sketchbook Animation I am assembling from sketches done in January. Can’t see the video, go HERE.

Still to do…

– Color the rest of the sketchbook drawings in Photoshop
– Tighten the editing
– Add some slight digital manipulations
– Add music and sound effects.

See the orignal drawings…day 1-1/26/13, day 2-1/27/13, day 3-1/28/13, day 4-1/29/13, day 5-1/30/13, day 6-1/31/13.

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