Dr. Sketchys SF May 2010 – Drawings of Girls on Bikes

This past Tuesday I attended this month’s Dr. Sketchy’s SF life drawing session at 111 Minna gallery. This sessions models were the ladies of  publicbikes.com. Click for a bigger image.

There was…. “Meli Burgueño, lovely blogger of bikesandthecity.blogspot.com/”

Dr. Sketchys SF may 2010

and “Constance Cavallas, awesome builder of Pelicans and wheel lacer”

Dr. Sketchys SF may 2010

and “Amanda Lanker, fearless leader of the Pushbike Ladies Ride”

Dr. Sketchys SF may 2010

The drawing contest this time was two 20 min drawings of the girls moving furniture with their bikes. I did two with one of them (the one with Color) winning a consolation prize. This is my 4th win. Ahead of me was a cool drawings done on the iPad and the winner was by my friend George Webber.

Here is mine…

Dr Sketchys SF - May 2010 - Sexy Girls on Bikes

and my winner…

Dr Sketchys SF - May 2010 - Sexy Girls on Bikes


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  1. Heather says:

    Hey! Awesome job! I just logged in and saw these…tired and need to sleep but the lure of the internet is strong! Looks like fun. I really do need to go to one of these…I will…I really will!

  2. Brian says:

    Thanks Heather. You will love it.

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