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Oct 14

the Road to 24 Hour Comic Book Day – part 4 – less then a week away

Well, the 24 Hour Comic Book Day event is this coming weekend (October 18th at 11am to October 19th to 11am) and I am ready to go. I really have enjoyed preparing for the challenge and have high hope that this will get me revved up for some new projects. I might even make a mini comic for APE from the final art if it comes out all right.

NOTE: There are still a few spaces left of this writing, so email Doc Pop if you are interested.

For tonight’s practice I did an 8 page comic with ranges of 20 to 45 min for each page. The pages are created with a template I created in Adobe Illustrator and allows me to create standard comic art pretty quickly. The art was created actual size for a standard comic book so it’s faster and easier to do with the challenge’s deadline. The art is drawn in blue pencil and inked with FW Acrylic Ink. The first page still has the pencils and template included. The rest of the pages have been cleaned up.

The story was created as I went along adding the first and 7th pages last. It’s not perfect, but there is lots of stuff I like about it.

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  1. […] I thought I would offer the template I am going to use for my comics this Saturday. It’s a small size PDF to download that you can print on card stock or paper to draw your comics. Why so small? If you need to draw 24 pages in 24 hours the last thing you want to do it draw super big. This template is to draw short and sweet. To see it in action, check out my test I did HERE. […]

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