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Visit my new website... (this site is not being updated)

Oct 12

Sunday thoughts – 10-12-08

– Tomorrow is the Hayward Super Con. I will stop by to see my cousin who is selling some of his comic collection.

– I am home from the CAM fundraiser at PIXAR and it was a fantastic evening. So much creative in one place.

– Earlier this week the Cartoonist Conspiracy’s Comic Jam was one a great one with some real great drawings and paintings. Well have some comic online in the next few weeks I hope.

– Last weekend I was at Silicon which was a lot of fun. I was on a couple of panels and met some nice folks.

– Neil Gaiman reads his book The Graveyard Book by way of video. Looks like the whole book is there and Mr. Gaiman really reads his books well. A fun story about a graveyard of ghost who raise a orphaned baby.

– My friend Joe Borelli has a new blog to review Horror movies. Joe is one heck of a writer and is really passionate about the spooky stuff.

Again with the Comics blog has posted CC Beck’s (creator of Captain Marvel) Fat Man. A charming and cleaver comic that was a failure, but it is hear to read on-line. He makes the hefty hero charming, heroic and fun. The big bone heroes are usually are used as comic relief, but I like Fat Man a lot.

– Alex Schumacher has some good tips for Cartoonist.

– Comic Book covers from Indonesia: Komik Indonesia.

– Swedish illustrator Mattias Adolfsson paints flying buildings. Fantastic work…check them out.

– the art of comic artist Alec Severin. His classic style drawings of horses are so full of life and his heroic art is both fantasy and reality.

-in NY an exhibit of Italian Masters of Comic Art. Cool paintings and drawings.

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