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Dec 29

Immortalized in paint.

I had the pleasure of attending a birthday party for my friend, artist Richard Becker who is best known as a Pirate Artist. His latest work is an entirely painted comic and he added me in to a bar room scene enjoying the company of a lovely wench. I am very pleased and flattered. Can …

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Dec 04

Sky Duke: sketchbook comic (page 4)

[singlepic=322,320,240,,] Previous Page – Next Page My ongoing Web Comic that has been drawn in my Sketchbook.

Nov 27

Sky Duke: sketchbook comic (page 3)

[singlepic=306,320,240,,] Previous page – Next page   This is page 3 of my web-comic created in my sketchbook when I am on the road. Enjoy.

Nov 20

Sky Duke: sketchbook comic (page 2)

[singlepic=307,320,240,,] Previous Page – Next Page This is a weekly comic that is being drawn in my sketchbook. Hope you enjoy it.

Nov 11

Rain that Wants to be Snow by Mike Scagliotti

I wanted to do a shout out-to friend and fellow teacher Mike Scagliotti who has just self published an intriguing new comic “Rain that Wants to be Snow.” The comic features three short stories about three different characters: Quigley, Loretta, and Trevor who all explore a world where dreams and reality are seperated by a …

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