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Jan 27

Watercolor Canvas

I just discovered this Fredrix Canvas product at Dick Blick Art Supply store (formaly The Art Store) which is Canvas with “specially formulated gesso for all water based paints.” I just bought a 9″ x 12″ board and am eager to give it a try. The features they promise are paint that can be easily …

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Jan 08

Sky Duke: sketchbook comic (page 5)

My ongoing Web Comic that was drawn in my Sketchbook in 11-2007. [singlepic=370,320,240,,] Previous Page – Next Page I know I have been behind on posting my webcomic, SKY DUKE that was created in my sketchbook, but you’ll be seeing it on a regular basis until story ends every Tuesday at Midnight. I will do …

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Dec 24

James (Dinotopia) Gurney’s blog

Amazing painter and illustrator James Gurney, artist/author of Dinotopia, has been posting to a blog about his recent book tour as well as lots of excllent notes on art and classic painting techniques. Really a treat for art traditionalist as well as the digital devotees. His recent posts on COLOR and INSIGHT/DELIGHT were both fun …

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