Dec 13

2016-12-28 Parent+Child cartooning class – ANIMAL TOWN

Hey all, I am teaching some fun classes at the Cartoon Art Museum this winter break, so come and join me with your parent or your child. Now is a great time to support this fantastic non-profit as they move into a new space for Sprint 2017! What: PARENT+CHILD CLASS: ANIMAL TOWN When: 10:30am – …

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Dec 13

December #dailydrawings – part 1

As to be expected, things seem to slow down on the daily drawings as we near the end of the year 2016. The challenge is to find time to do a bit of art everyday, even if that is not on the agenda. But it’s worth it to find time to draw (or be creative) …

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Dec 06

#dailydrawing for #november 2016 – part 3

Here are the rest of Novembers Daily Drawings (the drawing I do most days, usually in the morning). Many of the drawings use the same colors since I have a collection of media that I use for all the drawings. They included: Brown Pitt Pen Blue Pitt Pen Light Purple Tombo Pen Blue Tombo Pen …

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Nov 17

Class supplement – Online tools for Random starting idea ‘seeds’

Hello students. Most artists sometimes need a starting place for new ideas to start developing, like planting a ‘seed’ so we can see what grows from it. Most of these websites I have used at one point or another and have no connection to them. Behind the name, random real names from different cultures and places. …

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Nov 15

#dailydrawings for #november 2016 – part 2 (birds, owls, high tech, low tech)

Here are some more of my daily drawings from November 2016. I post them daily on my Instagram page. Plus you can see other work in progress images and photos from my adventures there. On with images of birds, robots, fantasy and sci-fi… Today's #dailydrawing. Some sort of #owl #creature. A post shared by Brian Kolm (@briankolm) …

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Nov 06

#dailydrawing for November 2016 – part 1

Ah, how time flies. The Inktober art challenge is over for 2016 and I back to a themeless month. Once again, all my drawings are usually, first posted on my Instagram page. Plus you can see other work in progress images and photos from my adventures. To start off we have some scribble based characters. …

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Oct 31

#Inktober 2016 – Drawing 31!

HERE IT IS, my final Inktober Drawing! #Inktober #drawing 31! #happyhalloween #adventure of the #witch #sheriff. @blick_somasf #somablickink #dailydrawing #comic #art #challenge #halloween #western #fantasy #ink #illustration #sketchbook A post shared by Brian Kolm (@briankolm) on Oct 31, 2016 at 9:40am PDT

Oct 30

#inktober 2016 – drawings 24 to 30

Well, #inktober is almost over. That is the challenge to create an ink drawing every day in October. Here are ALMOST my last drawings! The final drawing will be posted on my instagram account the morning of October 31, 2016 and here on the blog on Halloween night . So here we go! #Inktober #drawing 24, …

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