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Nov 01

‘War Horse’ ‘Nemo’ stage puppets

Pretty amazing life like stylize horse puppets for the British National Theater play War Horse. I think it is so cool that puppets are used on stage more often. The puppets are by Hand-Spring Puppet Company.At Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida they have a slick musical show based on PIXAR’s Finding Nemo. The gal who …

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Oct 31

Mary Blair exhibit banner

I was proud to recently help create the Graphics for the Cartoon Art Museums new show The Wit and Flair of Mary Blair. The show is amazing and I was pleased as punch to be able to work with a scan of one of her concept pieces for Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. Ms. Blair was …

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Oct 30

‘Scaredy Cat’ Jam Comic

A new Jam Comic from the San Francisco Cartoonist Conspiracy was just posted on-line. It’s a Halloween story that is a first for the jam group since it was created based on a script. The artist in the group are really awesome and are doing some snazzy work. CLICK HERE to find out more. [singlepic=248,320,240,,] …

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Oct 30

Friar Tuck and Robin Hood meet for the first time

[singlepic=246,320,240,,]. Goash Painting with Photoshop color.

Oct 30

Heroes and some Horses

These are drawing I did last night in Goash. I am really loving how this technique is working, what do you guys think? (color was added in Adobe Photoshop on every piece except for the unicorn) Click for a larger image [singlepic=244,320,240,,]   [singlepic=242,320,240,,]   [singlepic=245,320,240,,]   [singlepic=243,320,240,,]   [singlepic=247,320,240,,]

Oct 30

Trees on the hill

[singlepic=241,320,240,,] Goash and Watercolor

Oct 30

BONE Halloween costumes

Jeff Smith has posted photos of some young fans dressed as his characters from BONE. Way too cute and cool.

Oct 23

Carol and not Carol

My attempt to do a likeness of a famous person. In watercolor. [singlepic=229,320,240,,] [singlepic=232,320,240,,]