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Oct 23

Wash Drawings

Last night I had a blast creating lots of wash drawings (with black goash) and then brought them into the computer and added some color. Here they are… [singlepic=239,320,240,,] [singlepic=237,320,240,,] [singlepic=238,320,240,,] And here are my favorites…. First off a Zorro like hero sweet talking a lovely girl in the garden. It’s was first penciled and …

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Oct 20

Alexander Creswell Watercolors

I just saw this watercolorest in an old issue of The Artist Magazine (July 2004). His work has a sense of light and shadow that is really awesome….it glows. Check out his work at his website…

Oct 17

Halloween 2007 art

Watercolor paintings of Spooky Halloween Cats [singlepic=233,320,240,,][singlepic=231,320,240,,] A spooky Witch done in pencil and colored in Photoshop [singlepic=227,320,240,,]

Oct 12

Family Festival in SF – October 13, 2007

I will be at the Family Festival event to promote cartooning classes at the Cartoon Art Museum. The event is at Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco (in the park between Mission and Folsome and 3rd and 4th St.s) and runs from 11 am to 3 pm. Visit the official site for more information. …

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Oct 10

My world is funni….er…..HEROIC!

Fellow bay area artist Alex Schumacher has revealed some new artwork on his My World is Funnier blog. It seems he is working on a superhero comic book where his original goal was to do comic strips. Check out his sneak peek image HERE.

Oct 09


I don’t regularly read the comic strip Diesel Sweeties, but through a link at another blog I saw this gem on free internet media and entitlement. Sums up a lot of attitude folks have about entertainment. Check it out here.

Oct 08

Silicon 2007 Pirate

[singlepic=299,320,240,,] click for a bigger image This was drawn this Saturday at Silicon 2007. It is a 11×17 pencil drawing with color/texture in PS. The background texture is scanned in paper bag. I have a whole collection of textures to use on my HD. Tag(s):drawing|pirate|silicon|

Oct 08

Silicon and the Mysterious Badge Ribbons

While at Silicon 2007 this weekend (October 5-7) I stumbled upon something new…Badge Ribbons. OK, they aren’t new, but they seemed more prevalent then before to me. Badge Ribbons are small award ribbons with a strip of adhesive that are designed to be attached to the back of a convention badge. I am sure they …

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