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#dailydrawings 2017 – February – Part 1

Time for the first batch of my Daily Drawings for February 2017. You can see them when they are posted by checking out my Instagram account. << LINK

First off is the cover and inside front cover of my new sketchbook. The title is “Forgotten Heroes, from Random Names” and there is a list of some names to work from right inside the cover. BTW: I am drawing in a Moleskin pocket notebook. They come in a 3 pack and there small enough to take with me most places.

The RANDOM names came from the website, the Seventh Sanctum <<LINK.

My current #dailydrawings sketchbook and the list of #randomnames

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Random Named chracter #9: Platypus Walker

Random Name character #10: Empress Gamma. The inspiration came from the Japanese movie monster Gamera.

Random Named #11: Fossil Princess. My inspiration was a Dinosaur Disney princess.

Random Named #12: Horror Marine. Trying for something scary.

A watercolor of a eagle, using a limited pallet and negative space.

#watercolor #eagle with a #limitedpallette #painting #instaart

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Some fun magic user characters I drew in my bigger sketchbook when I left my small one at a regular teaching job. The goal was to practice a variety of characters types to better represent the world around us.

Random Name #13: Barron O’Possum.

Random Name #14: Father StarLark the Priestnaut.

A watercolor painting of a wizard, based on a character I created for a demonstration. The flash on the camera is washing out the color.

Random Name #15: Chief Itch. Yes, I know I misspelled the name on the actual drawing.

I was trying for a poison oak themed hero, with red and green like the leaves that make you itch.

Random Hero #16: Magician Idiot aka Magician School Drop-Out

Daily Drawings Feb 2017 - part 1

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