Oct 31

Hellboy: The Fury Motion Comic from Dark Horse Comics

A post on re-purposing comics and illustration into animation

It’s Halloween and time for something spooky! How about watching a comic?

Dark Horse Comics has been teeming up with the online video station Geek and Sundry to bring serialized motion comics of many of their titles, something I applaud. The videos are far from perfect since they are working with the limitations of adapting the art that was created for the comics, but that is a quality that I really like. There is a wonderful simplicity and creativity about the videos that keeps them tied to their comic book source material. I with more comic companies would promote there titles this way and be able to partner with others who are like minded.

Here is ever popular Hellboy in ‘The Fury’.

Writer: Mike Mignola • Artist: Duncan Fegredo • Colorist: Dave Stewart

Line Producer: Matt Parkinson • Producer: Mike Richardson • Directed by: Erik Bruhwiler

Ep 1

Ep 2

Ep 3

Ep 4

Ep 5

Ep 6

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