Feb 15

Inspiration links for the CAM-JAM2010-1 coming on Sunday Feb 21, 2010

Just a reminder that the CAM-JAM event is happening this coming Sunday Feb 21, 2010. To find out more, VISIT THIS LINK.

Since the themes for this CAM-JAM Comic Jam are Samurai/Superhero and Brush and Ink here are a few good inspirational links.

http://www.gallerysamurai.com/ – Photos of Samurai artifacts and armor.

http://www.internationalhero.co.uk/ – Examples of Superheros from around the world.

http://pulphope.blogspot.com/ – A great master of brush inking, Paul Pope

http://www.timsale1.com/ – The talented Tim Sale.

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  1. I’ll BE THERE!!!!
    Cathy will be there too! she might participate too on some level.

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