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Jul 20

updated: July 22-26, 2009 The CAM 3rd annual Sketch-A-Thon at the SDCC

Well, the San Diego Comic Con is almost upon us (July 22-26, 2009). I will be at the Cartoon Art Museum booth #1930 Thu, Fri, Sat drawing for donations for the museum. Otherwise you can find me on the floor networking and buying things. NOTE: Click on the map at the bottom of this post to find where I will be HQed,

The Cartoon Art Museum’s Third Annual Sketch-A-Thon at the San Diego Comic-Con

Please join the Cartoon Art Museum at booth #1930 for its Third Annual Sketch-A-Thon at the San Diego Comic-Con this summer. Artists will be drawing for the museum all weekend to raise funds to support the Cartoon Art Museum as it gears up for its 25th anniversary celebration this December. Special guests include Phil Foglio (Girl Genius), Jeff Keane (The Family Circus), Keith Knight (K Chronicles), Bobby London (Dirty Duck), David Lloyd (V for Vendetta), Ted Naifeh (How Loathsome), and many, many more.

Please visit the Cartoon Art Museum’s Facebook page or our Twitter page (@cartoonart) for scheduling updates.

–Andrew Farago, Cartoon Art Museum Curator

(updated 7/20/09)
Thursday, July 23
12pm-1pm: Phil Foglio
1pm-2pm: Anthony Hon, Wahab Algarmi
2pm-3pm: Ted Naifeh, Charles Yoakum
3pm-4pm: Bobby London, Art Balthazar
4pm-5pm: Zach Weiner
5pm-6pm: Debbie Huey
6pm-7pm: Brian Kolm

Friday, July 24
12pm-1pm: Brian Kolm, Ron Yavnieli
1pm-2pm: Anthony Hon, Justin Thompson
2pm-3pm: Susie Cagle, Keith Knight
3pm-4pm: Bobby London, Scott Shaw!
4pm-5pm: Dirk Tiede, David Lloyd
5pm-6pm: Mike & Doug Gray
6pm-7pm: Lisa Ann Wilson, Rudy Reyes

Saturday, July 25
11am-12pm: Batton Lash
12pm-1pm: Karen Luk, Brian Kolm
1pm-2pm: Derek Kirk Kim, Jason Thompson
2pm-3pm: Jeff Keane, Ryan Germick
3pm-4pm: Bobby London, Becky Dreistadt
4pm-5pm: Rick Parker
5pm-6pm: Daniel Salcido
6pm-7pm: Lanny Liu, Jason Thompson

Sunday, July 26
12pm-1pm: Ron Yavnieli, Charlie Roberts
1pm-2pm: Lisa Ann Wilson, John Lustig
2pm-3pm: Charles Yoakum
3pm-4pm: Daniel Salcido
4pm-5pm: R. Sikoryak, John Kovaleski

I love to be challenged to draw new things, so come by and help the museum out and I will make sure I draw something awsome for you.

To see some of my pictures from last years event, check out this SLIDESHOW.

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