Jan 24

826 Valencia Field Trip artwork: The adventure of the French Veggies.

Today was the first 826 Valencia field trip of the year in which I work with a school group to illustrate a story they write as a group. Now, I won’t post the whole story like some folks have done (I am lazy I guess), but I will show you the drawings I created.


The story is of a French, blue, carrot named Jon. He lives in a mushroom with Tom the tomato. Now Jon has a crush on the evil rotten peach who wants to take over the garden. The carrot love to play Ro Sham Bo (Rock, Scissors, Paper).


The plotting rotten peach send our hero a gift that is the remains of his brother Jim, now a jar of carrot juice.


The ending was written by each student and approved by our editor Mrs. Blue.


  1. “the plotting rotten peach”. That sounds so good together. “plotting rotten tomato” would have also sounded marvelously too.

    Great pieces.

    • Brian on January 24, 2008 at 10:48 pm

    Thanks Doc.

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