Jan 15

#dailydrawings January 2017 – part 2 – 9th through 15th

daily drawings jan 2017 pt 2

Here is another batch of drawings from this past week. A few less then usual as I had to focus on some personal stuff.

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We had a whole lot of rain here in Californian, and so I drew this lovely witch enjoying the weather…

#dailydrawing #weather #witch cause it's been raining alot!

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…Drawing a reaction to scary news here in the USA.

#dailydrawing, of having one of this days.

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Then time for a new sketchbook and a drawing of a female warrior…

And some fun characters made from marker scribbles…

#dailydrawing #scrrible #creatures.

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I put up a new rack to display my drawings, including one I did at work.

The display is made up of a wooden dowel I bought at the hardware store, two non-damaging hooks to stick on the wall and some clips attached with fishing line.

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