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Visit my new website... (this site is not being updated)

Mar 01

Recap Daily Drawing for January and February 2013!

I have been working on my Daily Drawing experiment now for the last two months (Jan and Feb 2013) and I am really happy how it has came out so far. I was inspired by a post at about working at something everyday (“3. Start a Chain”) and ‘X’ it off on the calendar. The idea is that each ‘X’ is a link in a ‘chain’ that you don’t want to break.

I usually am drawing sometime durring the day, but my days can be disjointed with different tasks making consistency tough. By doing a drawing every morning, I start the day with creativity and art and by setting a monthly theme/goal I am able to have small satisfying achievements every 31 days (except months with 28 days of course).

So far I have Drawn:
Each letter of the alphabet
— simple sketchbook animation
— and 28 Heroes.

So that’s 3 simple challenges completed.

And for this month March 2013 I am drawing 31 spring Bunnies.

So here are the Alphabet drawings I did for January…. (click for larger image)
Daily Drawings 2013 - January (Alphabet) results

and here are the Hero drawings I did in February 2013…
Daily Drawings 2013 - February (Heroes) results

Question: Do you have a favorite Daily Drawing so far? Which character for January do you like? Which character for February do you like? (click on the links above to see the individual blog posts for each image)

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