Jul 29

New Art: Character Design Class example

The guy in the example below was an art sample to show my students in my Heroes and Villains class I taught at Chabot College this summer. The drawing was brought into Photoshop and color has been added, but is not finished, so it’s a Work in Progress (WIP).

His design is made up of some elements that are borrowed from two well knows characters. Do you know who they are?
Be the first to comment correctly and I will send you a free sketch of a character of your choosing.

Click to see a bigger image on Flickr.

Character Design Class sample -WIP color

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  1. Hi Jason, I haven’t visited in a while, it’s great to see your art again. I am reminded that you are an AMAZING artist! Teaching the kids at the summer program sounds great, I am sure those kids all had a blast and your guidance will be remembered by them for a very long time.

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