Apr 05

Mousetalgia – Episode 75 (the Wondercon 2010 episode)

I was thrilled and honored to meet two of the hosts of the Disneyland/Disney podcast Mousetalgia at Wondercon 2010, a favorite of mine that I listen to each week. Besides the podcast, Jeff is the creator of a wonderful Haunted Mansion website…DoomBuggies.com and Dave is the webmaster of the wonderful blog mousevinyl.com (There you can listen to Disney Records of by gone days). Sadly Becky and Kristen did not make it.

They did a report on Disney’s movie offering at Wondercon on their latest episode #75 where they give me and my buddy Lex (Kid Beowulf) Fajardo a very cool shout out.

I love the show since they hosts have a great repor with each other and they have interesting discussions about some very cool topics, mostly with a Disney focus.


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