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Apr 04

Wondercon 2010 highlights

Well Wondercon 2010 has come and gone, ending this afternoon 4/4/2010. This year was bigger and more crowded with lots of fantastic names in comics and pop culture. I had one of my best years and can’t wait for next year. Below is just some highlights of this weekend. I hope to post more this following week.

– Thursday came and got my badge and dropped off some materials at my Artist Alley Table AA48. Was pleased to see everything in the area was set-up and registration was quick and mostly painless.

– I arrived a bit late to find that the place was jumping with large crowds. I am guessing this was because many had off from work for good Friday.
– Great to see so many friends and familiar faces.
– I had two amazing neighbors on either side of my table: Lark Pien and Alexis Fajardo (who I have done work for in the past)
– I did my first art commission of a Buddha Cow (below, click for bigger image)
Wondercon 2010: Buddha Cow
– Went to an excellent event at the Cartoon Art Museum for the Hero Initiative and to raise money for comic great Ed Hannigan. Here Mr. Hannigan talks about the Hero Initiative…

– Lots and lots of folks. The report is that the day was SOLD OUT! It really felt like a tiny SDCC which is a good thing in my opinion.

– Got to do some commissioned art, but I forgot to take pictures of most of it… (click for bigger image)
Wondercon 2010: sketch of the dare devil
– Got to meet Dave and Jeff from a favorite Disney podcast of mine…Mousetalgia. Jeff is the creator of a wonderful Haunted Mansion website… and Dave is the webmaster of the wonderful blog There you can listen to Disney Records of by gone days. Becky and Kristen did not make it.

– Got to visit with one of my best friends from Highschool who came to see me. He has a cool hobby…he does Paranormal research.

– Had lots of sales for my black greeting cards and mini prints especially of my 25 Penguins. I only used 14 of them and maybe that was too many. One of the most popular was the Frankenstein Penguin.

– Got to have dinner with my buddy Lex (Kid Beowulf) Fajardo, his publisher and a host of other folks. The meal as a crazy big fest. Buca di Beppo gives you a giant cupcake within 7 days of your birthday.
Wondercon 2010: Birthday Cupcake

– Got to create lots more cool commissioned art…
Wondercon 2010: sketch of Chuck RootfinderWondercon 2010: sketch of Norman AnklebiterWondercon 2010: Turtle by Brian Kolm
– Got to pick up some cool items: Becky and Frank’s mock little golden book, Tigerbutter. An art print by Darwin Cooke. Issue #3 and #4 of The Bean by Travis Hanson. Book #3 and #4 of Blair Kitchen’s The Possum. Discovered the work of Jeff Prechtel and his pirate drawings.

– Also got some great sketches:
art by Blair Kitchenart by Travis Hannsonart by Ganart by Travis Tronoart by Becky Dreistadt

– Emerged to the outside from the convention center to POURING RAIN! Fun. Not.

– Feeling energized and worn out all at the same time.

– Got lots of cool new ideas for the future.

Well, that’s all for now. Check out a few more photos at:

Check a nice convention review from artist Colleen Durant.

Most likely more later this week.

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