Aug 30

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-30

  • Best shirt seen at Zinefest: ‘Meat is Murder! Delicious, Delicious Murder!’ #
  • Scanning 4 page Jam Comic from Zinefest 09 as well as my new 22 pg comic inked at the convention. I can’t wait to share it with you folks. #
  • Scanning the book layouts for CAM JAM 2. Reverse enginer it into web comic PDF. #
  • link: preliminary art by Wally Wood for a FIREBALL XL5 lunchbox ~ circa early 1960’s #
  • Finished the print layouts of my new “warts and all comic” – Rootin’ Tootin’ Pinocchio! Will upload it in the next few days. #
  • A drawing I did as part of the new logo for ‘Patrick Hurd productions’ His video podcasts are very cool. #
  • Ate at Crepevine in Oakland with artist Liz tonight. There were lots of talk of art and projects. #
  • A great art session at the youth center. #
  • San Francisco comic jam tonight at 6:30 Church St Cafe #
  • Today is all about organization and cleaning, I hope. #
  • Comic Artist Colleen Doran has some thoughts on what it takes to be a working artist. A really good read. #

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