Aug 23

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-23

  • We did it! The cartoonist conspiracy SF crew finished a full zine in one afternoon (via @cartoonistSF) in reply to cartoonistSF #
  • What a great comic jam! Lots of cartoon art museum guests wandered in randomly & joined in the fun, even entire families (via @cartoonistSF) in reply to cartoonistSF #
  • Wants to thank Joe, Romy, Chris, Audry, Jeff, Jason, Heather and the CAM staff for allowing us to jam today. Plus we published a mini comic. #
  • what a great cartoon art museum jam yesterday – flickr photo set – (via @miromi) in reply to miromi #
  • needs to go see Ponyo while it is still in theaters some time this week. Anyone else interested in going? #
  • Recommendations for buying discount airline tickets online? #
  • Archie Andrews proposed marriage to Veronica! He wants to marry the mean popular girl. Of course Betty is more free to do great things! #
  • read comics: CCSF comix jamboree 1- stickynote comics – #
  • Is mad at InDesign since it all of a sudden prints greyscale images in bright red. Didn’t use to do that. Might be evil plot by aliens? #
  • Check out this exclusive clip from Disney’s hand drawn PRINCESS AND THE FROG (via @cartoonbrew) #
  • I wrongly blammed InDesign when it was my printer. I feel so bad now but more tests prove that I was wrong. #
  • I am printing a CCSF zine for Zinefest, which one? 1) Making the Band #
  • I am printing a CCSF zine for Zinefest, which one? 2) Wreastle Zine #
  • I am printing a CCSF zine for Zinefest, which one? 3) Sticky Note zine #
  • Decided to print the CCSF zine: Making the band. I will have them at Zinefest SF tomorrow at Miromi’s table. The reading tonight was great! #
  • Zinefest SF was really fun today. I sold some books and met lots of friends and new. Had great conversations on being an artist and life. #
  • Doc Pop’s photo from Zinefest SF 09 #

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